"Marmi Orosei" is set up in 1971 and starts its mining activity in Orosei extracting both regular and shapeless blocks of a material called, at the time,"Tigrato Orientale" or "Perlato Olimpo" and today commonly known as "Marmo di Orosei". The improvement in the quality of work together with technological innovations and the use of up-to-date aids and machinery allow the output of high quality products, which are marketable and therefore highly competitive on the market. Our products are successfully put on the Verona market, which acts as a bridge towards wider markets such as Germany and northern Europe, the Middle East, North America and South-East Asia.

The year 1978 marks a turning point in the trading field and welcomes the setting up of "Marmi Elmo", established with the objective of processing the material. The shapeless material is turned into semifinished products of various sizes for pavings, thresholds, window-sills and staircases. Thanks to a modern range of machinery we manufacture a line of products directly available to the final consumer (such as bushhammered, brushed, antique-like and more). The new company also counts two partners from Vicenza area who are in a position to put the material onto markets which are still virgin and partly unknown.

The Management of Marmi Orosei and Marmi Elmo Sas have introduced for both companies a Quality Management System with "ICMQ" certification body that fulfils the requirements of standard UNI EN ISO 9001 ed. 2000 in order to respond to the needs of customers in an increasingly positive way. Marmi Elmo has also given rise to the CE Declaration of Conformity and Marking and Labelling CE, in compliance with the regulations EN 1341, 1342, 1343 (year 2003) for external paving (plates, cubes, kerbs) and regulations EN 12057, 12058 (year 2006) for internal flooring (modular tiles, plates for flooring and stairs). The two companies are pursuing the goal of continuous improvement of a Quality Management System.

"Marmi Orosei" Business Organization Chart

"Marmi Elmo" Business Organization Chart